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"Geológica" is a blend of blue shades that take inspiration from the vibrant Asian rainforests and the textures and colors of the underwater world.

Singapore. 2017

I have created 12 pieces of art that are inspired by my personal experiences of moving to Asia. These pieces showcase an explosion of textures and blue shades that are directly influenced by the nature of Southeast Asia. They represent my unique perspective on the images, sensations, and emotions that were evoked by the natural beauty of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Lignum Vitae.

Explore Lignum Vitae's intricate forms, crafted from the Singapore jungle and Asian sea, and experience an explosion of life and nature.

Singapore. 2018

I have produced a collection of 15 artworks that draw inspiration from the complex structures of Banyan trees. My aim was to capture the spiritual essence of trees and nature, highlighting their significance as sacred spaces. By utilizing unconventional materials and incorporating chance and recycling into the creative process, I believe we can create a artistic language and produce truly distinctive works of art. As in nature, nothing goes to waste - matter simply transforms.

Fabulosa Terrum.

"Tierra de Fábula" is a vivid and travel experience that explores the intricate details of an unexplored place, showcasing its unique colors, textures, and forms.

Singapore. 2018

Fabulosa Terrum strived to offer a distinctive encounter by merging art, dance, and music. The artworks were crafted from recycled materials from previous exhibitions and pieces. The artist's objective was to produce paintings that conjure up landscapes from their mind, exploring color, texture, and shape. Furthermore, the artist fashioned six sculptures inspired by outdated objects that were altered by natural processes. Moreover, the artist employed their own methods and materials to create a portrait of the leader of this undiscovered territory.

Andalucía y yo.

The latest collection draws inspiration from my personal experiences in Andalusia featuring the region's Baroque style, vibrant sun, and passionate culture.

Marbella. Spain. 2024

After returning to my homeland following many years abroad in 2020, my life underwent a significant transformation. Despite the challenges, I found comfort in creating once again. My childhood memories flooded back, and I was inspired by the intricate and ornate sacred interiors of Andalucia, a Baroque region where architecture, painting, and sculpture are combined to evoke emotional responses in the viewer. This collection seeks to capture the essence of this style, adding depth and dimension to its luminosity, which can be both divine and oppressive.