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"I build artworks, I experiment with architectural and construction materials to transform  my ideas and visions into artworks that evoke spatial and emotional experiences in the viewer. Imagination is my resource of being be able to reinvent the world around me" 

Experimentation and allowing chance into my working process is  key, is not a clear plan but an the adventure of creation, my process is always quite visceral, re-doing and recycling constantly. What is only clear is the emotion that i want to create in the audience and how the piece will change the space where it will be installed, my artwork belongs somehow to the architecture" 

" My process is passionate and beautiful but sometimes terrifying because everything can lead to nothing"

Carlos M. Luque is a highly acclaimed artist whose diverse and intricate artwork is best known for its theatricality and strong presence. His pieces are characterized by majestic natural structures and abstract landscapes that captivate the viewer's attention and curiosity, transporting them into a natural universe. Carlos's creative process is not always planned, but is led by the characteristics of the materials and surprise, resulting in a finished work that is expressive and energetic. As a graduate in architecture, Carlos thinks like an architect when creating his artwork, bringing an emotional and physical experience to the viewer.

His artworks are in private collections located in 

Singapore, HK, MalaysiaIndonesia, Australia, Spain, UK, Mauritius and USA. 


  • Geologica. 2017. Blair Road Space. Singapore. 

  • Lignum Vitae. 2018. Blair Road Space. Singapore. 

  • Fabulosa Terrum. 2019. Blair Road Space. Singapore.

  • Andalucia y yo. 2024. Estudio Exhibition. Marbella, Spain. 

Education: Architect, IE University. Segovia. Spain. 1998-2007.

                   Drawing, Composition and Color . Segovia. Spain. 1998-2009. 

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