Carlos Muñoz Luque, Born in Cadiz in the South Atlantic coast of Spain. Architect by IE UNIVERSITY SEGOVIA. I have been involved in transport projects in the last 10 years in Spain and South America. Trying to humanise those spaces that we all share.


Art has been always part of my life, from my childhood I always paint and sculpt. I studied architecture to get a serious foundation to develop my creative career. As an architect I am convinced that architecture and art are part of the same. A good building as the good art don’t need to be explained, it speaks to people.


My artwork is always related with a real place, an object and the space around it.  Something or Some place that somehow stayed etched in my subconscious. Then it is processed by my brain and developed by my hands. It is never a clear idea of what I want to achieve but a vague image in my mind, a feeling to be reproduced.

I explore the possibilities of the material until the destruction of the piece to be reborn as something new. This process can be repeated a few times until two possible ends:  finalize the artwork or nothing. The process is sometimes lead by unexpected finds that change the route towards the final artwork. This means time working, is like find “a needle in a haystack”

This is the reason of the volume and the spaces in between in my paintings. It expresses my way to work and think. My paintings are like my life The artwork is somehow a “keeper” of my ideas and feelings during the creative process. The volume of the artwork shows the volume of work and thoughts. Creation and destruction over and over on the same painting