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 CARLOS M. LUQUE                                          

Carlos M. Luque’s diverse and intricate artwork is best known for its theatricality and strong presence.  Some of his pieces feature majestic natural looking structures, which catch the attention and curiosity of the viewer, transporting them into a natural universe inhabited by monumental trees or abstract landscapes.  Other works have a clearer figurative intention, but always using a densely overlaid technique, rich in different textures and materials.


The creative process is not always planned, it is lead by materials characteristics and surprise,  giving way and accepting the unpredictable as part of the outcome. 


Eventually the timeline of the process, the triumphs and the struggles, the chaos and order, is encapsulated in the final piece.  This brings it to a place which is expressive and energetic in its finished work. For the artist, “Art must speak to the viewer, no matters who…”  "it must looks alive, in transition"


Graduated as an architect, his pieces are between sculpture and painting. The artist thinks as an architect when he creates his artwork. He wants to bring an emotional and physical experience to the viewer, like architecture, his work needs to be experienced.  Most of the material and technics used to produce the artwork belongs to construction and architectural universe. The artist considers these technics intuitive and the materials sustainable. Also materials or parts from a failed artwork are reused to create a different thing.  Like in the old buildings, you can see layers of history in his artwork giving to the pieces an inimitable character and a soul. 


Carlos was born in 1980 in Cadiz (Spain) graduated as an architect by IE polytechnic School of Segovia (Spain) he developed both an architectural and art career in Madrid and Singapore. 


Carlos lives between Singapore and Madrid where he works as an architect and artist. He has had solo exhibitions in his studios in Singapore and Madrid where his artwork is also showcased.



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